Geriatric social workers provide care for elderly clients in their own homes, in nursing homes and hospitals. They’ll provide support for elderly people as they deal with health problems as well as providing support for their family members. They’ll help families and clients make decisions about when it’s time to move into a nursing home or other decisions about their care. These social workers will work hard to help their elderly clients have as many choices as possible about their living conditions and to help them find living situations where they can live with as much dignity and respect as possible.

Average Salary

Salaries for geriatric social workers vary based on numerous factors, but in 2010 they typically earned a median wage ranging from $31,843 to $46,122 annually. Most social workers have master’s degrees but those with doctoral degrees would earn more and those without graduate degrees would earn less. Social workers with special training in working with special populations, like those trained to work with Alzheimer’s patients, generally earn slightly higher wages.

Place of Employment

Geriatric social workers work in a variety of settings and the typical salary varies. For instance, the median annual salary for those working in nursing homes or hospices was $41,080 in 2010. The median annual salary for those working in hospitals was $55,940 during that time, while those working for government agencies earned $46,660.

Other Factors Influencing Salary

Numerous other factors influence the salary of geriatric social workers. Salaries for social workers vary considerably from geographical area to geographical area, for instance. reports that the average social worker in New York City earns $83,000 while the average social worker in Alabama only earns $59,000. Those with more years of experience in the field generally earn larger salaries. Those in management roles earn more, as well. Social workers with special skills, such as bilingual social workers, may also earn more.

Additional Benefits

Geriatric social workers typically receive some on the job benefits, like health care, dental insurance, maybe life insurance, and disability insurance. Some employers even offer tuition reimbursement for social workers that wish to continue their educations. Other benefits may vary from employer to employer. For instance, hospitals may provide free meals to social workers when they are on duty. Nursing homes and home health agencies may provide free uniforms. Government agencies may provide vehicles for social workers to drive while on duty.


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