As the aging population continues to rise, there are many healthcare professionals who are finding a niche in providing care to the elderly. If you are considering a profession in geriatric care, it is vitally important that you are familiar with the needs and health issues that are so commonly part of the aging process. Because many elderly adults find difficulty in speech and language communication with age, even your verbal instructions or questions can be difficult to understand.

Communicating with a healthcare professional is important to one’s health in the long term. Without a clear understanding in the communication with an elderly patient, there may be missed opportunities to administer care and provide information regarding health. One of the most unique areas of speech and language breakdown, between a geriatric patient and a healthcare provider, involves that of emotional speech. Because emotions are expressed by not only speech but also body language, an elderly adult may not exhibit emotional speech and emotional communication properly or may not express it in the right context.

This site is dedicated to help us communicate to you, and hopefully in return you will be able to communicate on behalf of your loved ones.